A Symphonic Celebration of the Day of the Dead

 Trailer - La Triste Historia, Symphony No. 3 Ofrenda a los muertos, Juan Trigos

 The Making of La Triste Historia


Renowned Mexican composer Juan Trigos and  writer and producer Ben Young Mason, together with executive producer Duncan Copp, British animation house ticktockrobot, and director Dyanna Taylor, have joined forces to create a powerful symphonic evocation of the ancient ritual of the Day of the Dead.  

A haunting tale set against the tumultuous struggle of the Mexican Revolution, it is the story of two young lovers, separated by death and reunited during el día de muertos.

The performances feature a new original symphony by maestro Trigos, accompanied by a cinematic libretto projected on a 25' screen above the orchestra.  Envisioned as a dreamlike backdrop to the music, the film is an impressionistic unfolding of the lovers' story through dramatic scripted scenes, archival footage, and animation .... all steeped in the vibrant imagery and rituals of the Day of the Dead.    

An October 2013 preview performance, the final night of the International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico features the Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra conducted by composer Juan Trigos.  Then on the eve of the Day of the Dead, November 1st,  The Houston Symphony performs the world premiere under the baton of Carlos Miguel Prieto.     

LA TRISTE HISTORIA is more than an evening of concert music.  It is a world-class event - a richly moving supernatural visitation across the performing arts.